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The raccoon is attracted to shiny objects. He grabs ’em and won’t let go. 

Our business philosophy is based on this covetous little guy. Every brand has a shiny object. We’ll help you discover yours, polish it and share it with your customers. Give ’em what they want and they’ll never let go. 

We are a group of fiercely entrepreneurial people who thrive on creativity and possibilities. We believe the only universal truth of problem-solving is that all solutions should be zero-based and emanate from a beginners mind. With the energy and spirit of a start-up and years and years of experience, we’ve got a stack of success stories but we’re more interested in your next challenge than our past history. We want to be your problem-solving partners.


what we do                                                     

branding. strategy. problem-solving. 

Our core competency is solving marketing problems that will unlock shareholder value. Shiny Objects was born from a branding philosophy based on one simple premise: the power of attraction is stronger than the power of persuasion. Branding and strategic products are designed to uncover our client’s shiny object and compel their prospects demand ownership.


research matters.

We offer it to our clients on large and small scales, and we integrate research into our branding, strategy and problem-solving. Knowing the “why” of consumer behavior is good business. Making timely recommendations grounded in meaningful data is vital in today’s rapidly changing world. We call it moving at the speed of smart.

Shiny Objects Research 

July 2018 – Insights into Los Angeles Millennials 

Part 1 – Views of the Workplace: Researched & compiled for companies    to recruit & retain LA Millennials  Request whitepaper here.


Part 2 – Surprising Insights – L.A. Millennials: Purchasing Behaviors  Request whitepaper here.


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